The characters of successful person

Today, there are many successful person inspiring everyone in everywhere. Their special characters are : good vision, hard worker, and creative putting them on the top.

Firstly, successful person have a good vision. It is not like a magiciant or oracle. They have dreames and focus to reach their goals. For example, we can see Bill Gates who dropped out from Harvard because he focussed to learn and develop software deeply. He built The Microsoft and now almost everyone uses it.



Secondly, people who work hard will get success. When they do something seriously, and never give up even they get problem on the way to reach their goals. The successful person always tireless, they try again and again so that they get the goals. For example, Steve Jobs is a hard worker who has built Apple Company. He built this hardly, even he get fired from his own company. Then he shown that he is the best one, therefore they call him back to lead Apple until it be the top brand in the world.



Finally, creativity is the most important thing that should be include as character of trend makers. They have a lot of useful idea for human being, look like Lary Page and Sergey Brin. They found Google, the most popular website ever helping us to search everything we want to find. There are many products of Google become top brand in the world i.e. Android, Gmail, Google Translate, etc. The Products which have not seen before, but they create it.


In briefly, successful person such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Lary Page and Sergey Brin have strong characteristic. The are the legend who develop new technology to make our lives better than before. To be the powerful person like them, we should be a good visioner, a hard worker, and be a creator to reach our dream to be the top in the world.


NB: this is my essay in writting exercise class of IEC program at Language Center, Syiah Kuala University


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