Dress-code style of college students

Fashion style in dress-code is mandated by some universities likes Syiah Kuala University to make similar style for the students’ dress-code. However it gives some advantages to students, free dress-code is better than uniform that make students feel more comfortable to study hard in Unsyiah.

Fashion style always gives gap for students. One of other alternatives that can decrease gap between rich and poor of them is wearing the same style. Wearing the same fashion style in class or in out of class such as uniform or wearing particular style will shows their identity and university also. It shows that this student who wear uniform come from certain university. Look like in Unsyiah, some faculty mandate the dress-code to students in some case such as College of Education and College of Medicine. In addition, uniform make student looked nice and showed has more polite behavior. It influences Unsyiah popularity in public view as well, how student shows their identity is very important to improve university’s grade.

On the other hand, many students feel more comfortable if they wear free dress-code without some special rules that always make them sultry. Free fashion style makes them available in different place. For example, when students go out after class, they can go anywhere they want. Because their cloth can be varied to some destinations where they should go after learned in campus. In addition, free dress-code makes students feel more confidence therefore they have passion to study and go to campus every day. In another side, free dress-code is easy to find. It is very important to students who do not have a lot of money to buy a new one. They can pick up the cloth in their cupboard and students can choose what style that simple and suitable according to their mood today also free dress-code is simple to mix and match with whatever they want.

In brief, university students in Unsyiah feel more comfortable with free dresscode than uniform which can not available in everywhere. Students can also enjoy the class and can show their passion to learn and stay in campus or go everywhere after class. Besides that, free fashion style makes them easy to find the dresscode in their cupboard. So that university, especially Unsyiah should remove dress-code policy to increase student’s productivity.



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