My decision to apply for master program in Underwater Acoustics at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is driven by my strong desire to be able to explore the seabed, especially in Aceh. Aceh, one of provinces in Indonesia, is surrounded by ocean which gives a lot of mineral resources such as oil, gas and natural resources. On the other hand, according to the geographical condition, Aceh is located on the ‘pacific ring of fire’ which causes many earthquakes every year. These natural resources are still difficult to be reached from the bottom of the ocean because of a lack of professionals and scientists in seabed exploration.

I have a number of experiences which would help me successfully take a master program at NTNU. I got my bachelor degree at Syiah Kuala University with Physics as my major and concentrated in the field of Acoustics. In my undergraduate thesis, titled ‘Analysis of Sound Absorption Coefficient (Case Study: gypsum panel, gypsum-palm fiber, palm fiber gypsum, and foamed concrete-palm fiber)’ I worked in sound absorbing material with interplay in Acoustics. Furthermore, I have been a research assistant at the Acoustics Laboratory for one year. From this experience I have gained the necessary basic knowledge to study in underwater acoustics.

I am very excited to join the incoming class at the NTNU, Norway. It has more than 100 years in innovation of science and technology. The university itself, founded in 1910, has contributed a solid century of academic achievements and discoveries that have shaped Norwegian society. I sincerely believe I would be an excellent student in your program, and I am prepared to work and study hard in order to meet the high standards that NTNU is known for.

Finally, after I finish this master program, I will have more advanced knowledge and skills about underwater acoustics. It will give me a good chance to expand my career as a scientist and lecturer in my university. Syiah Kuala University has some Departments related to underwater acoustics, such as Physics, Geophysics Engineering, and Marine Science in which to apply my knowledge. Besides that, Syiah Kuala University has an international standard acoustic laboratory, the most comprehensive laboratory for applied science of sound technologies in South-East Asia where I can enlarge by doing some researches here.


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