Blackmart Alpha makes all applications in Google Play costless

There are a lot of android’s applications which downloaded in Google Play (Android Market: red). From million applications which been available in Google Play, not all application gives a good performance or has an optimal characteristic that are hoped by users. One of some ways to get all applications in Google Play without pay is with using Blackmart Alpha which most known as black market of Google Play. There are some reasons that we have to use this application. They are easy access to get free of premium application without pay first then get it, but get it and never pay. And the second is to make all unavailable application will be available.

Firstly, download blackmart-alpha.apk, then install in your android device. After installation was success, sometimes it often crash, but ignore it, because this is just a common crash and do not give a big impact to your gadget. If the crash happen, close the application and open again (restart application).

Do not worry to update premium applications that downloaded by Blackmart Alpha, the application still updatable although you get it free using Blackmart Alpha because this application does not open or crack the application license, but only make the applications be free.

in menu list

The capability of Blackmart Alpha is to make premium application be costless. To use the premium application that available in Google Play, user have to pay any money about USD 0.5,- to USD 58.85,-. Of course, that price is quite expensive to students or to who make a little money, because the application that installed is not only one application, android smartphone is available to how many application needed to that device and how many available memories can receive those applications. After Blackmart Alpha was installed, all applications in the Google Play will be priceless or need no purchased. The price will be deleted (strikethrough) and available to be downloaded. For example, Quick Office Pro only can be enjoyed if it was bought with the price USD 14.99,- or about ≈ IDR 137,908,-. It is not a cheap price to only one application.

Quick Office Pro $14.99

The second ability of Blackmart Alpha making this application become more powerful is to make some applications available in unavailable country. The applications is hidden by Google Play to certain country included Indonesia although that application is free likes Google Maps. We should not pay for this application, but we cannot find it in Google Play at all because of this application is unavailable to Indonesia.

the application look like

In short, to explore more applications to your android device, use Blackmart Alpha which available making premium applications to be costless and unhide the unavailable applications in certain country. But this application has weakness as well. We cannot use some applications in one time with this application, it often make this application be crashed. if you need free, just use it. It works…

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11 thoughts on “Blackmart Alpha makes all applications in Google Play costless

  1. Heyaa..I need some help if do I get a pro version to work?? I’ve downloaded the free pro version for the ‘action snap camera’ and also previously had downloaded the free basic version..but now,the pro version refuses to open,it keeps ‘stopping unexpectedly’,any suggestions or ideas?? I really appreciate any help given..thanksss… 🙂


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