Aceh election season is called Pilkada

Pilkada is conducted for each 5 years in Aceh to elect the Governor of province and Mayor of city/district as well. During Pilkada, all candidates are allowed to promote themselves to get voted by publics. Some candidate do shortcut to get popularity in the Pilkada such as racism, intimidation, and manipulation. They know that these are not good. But their ambition ignores all inners.

Racism comes from unequal ethnics that can have been shown since recently 40 years ago. There is a horrible memory in Aceh about racism between Acehnese and Javanese during different idea between Freedom Aceh Movement or we call GAM and Republic of Indonesia. Nowadays, some irresponsible people recall that issue to take attention in Pilkada. Because of the last memory is so horrible to remember, this issue is easy to blow up. One of the big effects of dishonest election is terror and places the blame on racism to get notice from central government. Killing is freely happens to turn the last issue up. We could see in newspaper in beginning of 2012. There are a lot of Javanese were killed by irresponsible people. Who do this immoral crime is still in mystery.
Another event that can disturb Pilkada in Aceh is intimidation which is always happens in all election. A couple candidates who feel doubt of number of their followers will intimidate peoples to choose the subjects, they make some terror to peoples’ family, burn their houses if they are not chosen as a winner. It looks like a mob rule, who has gun can do anything to convince themselves. Terror which happened in racism is so cruel that smear the content of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that signed in 2005 in Helsinki, Finland. Other kinds of intimidations are always happen in election seasons. As a consequence of this cause, it lacks democracy in election that indulges in glorification the democracy. Besides that, Indonesia is best-known as the country which base on democracy also. How the election can give a good impact if no democracy occurs during election season? It will be a nightmare to law practitioners and statesmen.
The last untrustworthy in Aceh election that looks like a daily activity of dishonest candidates is manipulation. Manipulation is done in some areas, such as manipulating other campaign, spray slander, and so on. Manipulation becomes the best selection to weak candidates who have a big ambition to win the election, but they have no power to get the victory. As consequent of this action, they will convince publics that they have a bad behavior and not appropriate to be chosen as a leader. Because of they do not think about it before of they never think about the effect. Nowadays, peoples is more aware about politics which informed by television, radio and newspaper and training as well, and now the information are spread out to whole Aceh.
In brief, some ambitious candidates will allow all way to win the election and break the peaceful to get publics’ sympathy. They will do some bad ways like racism, intimidation and manipulation. These ways are the worst ways to get voted as a leader of province or district.


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