8.9 SR earthquake hit Aceh

After tsunami attack Sumatra Island especially in Aceh in 2004. All Aceh people feel a horrible traumatic to each earthquake is happened in Aceh. Three days ago, a big earthquake hit to Aceh again, and leaves a huge traumatic again and again. April 11, 2012 is my horrible nightmare.
When I and my friends come together in the Biophysics Laboratory, suddenly the laboratory is sway. All people shock and go over the room. We go away from the building to save ourselves from fallen building. Fortunately the building is still good and no one is broken by the quake. The quake is about three to four minutes, the scale about 8.9 SR, it is almost the same with the last quake in 2004 which has the scale about 9.3 SR so that tsunami came.

Save our souls
A minute after earthquake, the electric was off and so did mobile phone’s service. We decided to leave the campus to go to the highland. Then Santi (one of my friends) said “just go to my house in Sibreh, Aceh Besar. We will be save there. My house is near to the mountain”. All people agreed and go there using shortcut way to arrived early.

All people feel panic and the road is so crowded. We could not ride faster than, there were a lot of motor cycles and cars. Fortunately we went earlier so that the way was almost free to speed up our motor cycle. About 13 km we arrived in Blang Bintang, the village that Sulthan Iskandar Muda Airport is located in the highland of Aceh Besar. In Blang Bintang, we got phone service, so that we can communicate each other with our families. Incoming calls were aggressed us like lethal weapon. They worried to us, to what happened to us. That quake was not a small quake. “How are you” they asked “I am alright, I move to highland earlier after it happened. Do not worry I am alright” I replied.
After 10 minutes, we pursue to our destination, Sibreh. We arrived and continuation earthquake came, the scale that I saw in BMKG twitter account was about 8.8 SR, almost the same with the first one. Many people became panic and moved to highland to stay away from coastal areas.
These earthquakes also surprise scientists. “Why does big earthquake do not affect tsunami?” it is because of this earthquake is not fault. This earthquake is only plate displacement, so that do not worry about the tsunami.
Next day after the quake, I and my friends did not go home. We still were in Santi’s house to keep away from lowland. I saw that there were over 10 countries felt the quake. I could not believe the very far country like Kenya and Mexico felt the quake from Aceh. it mean, these quakes not ordinary earthquakes. All the layers felt the same. I think, may be in another day, all continents will form to be one continent. Or Asia will be near America in next day I think.