EAP Vacation #Sibreh

We start activity from Monday, then Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and get nice weekend on Sunday. This weekend we planned to get an extraordinary vacation. We went to Sibreh. To our friend’s garden in sibreh which has a beautiful view, he said. In this vacation we had a plentiful foods and extremely funny friends. This vacation just to keep us together and to keep us connected.

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We spent two months in Language Center of Syiah Kuala University to learn more about English for increasing our TOEFL score. We entered EAP class, this class is advanced. It caused I thought that EAP meant English Advanced Program. After several weeks, I knew that EAP is English Academic Propose. We were from different departments in this class. It makes us need each others, because we cannot reach for all discipline of studies. They are from Physics, Chemical Engineering, Psychology, Mechanical Engineering, Law, Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, Math Education, History, Agriculture, Chemistry Education, nursing and counseling guidance. In this class we had learned more than English structure, listening comprehension, writing, and reading comprehension. We learned about life as well. We know each others, we also increase our general knowledge and we learned how to loud of laugh.

After two months we finish our English course in Language Center of Syiah Kuala University, we have to keep our togetherness. We designed our vacation, it is our party. Not the last party, this is the first. We try to find new location, not an ordinary one. Because of earthquake in recent days, we do not want to take place at beach or near beach. We still in traumatic. We decided to take place in a hill for this vacation. Yes, Sibreh was the best choice is today’s earthquake. Sibreh is located in highland near with Seulawah Mountain and other hills group. We planned for what will we do there, about foods and how beautiful Sibreh is.

This vacation would be incomplete without a lot of foods, wow…this is an amazing one in every party I think. We put them on duty to provide the some provisions, each student have a duty to provide something to support this vacation. Some of them will bring each kind to satisfy our tongue, tool and equipment, and so on. I, Oja and Mulkan baked chickens on grid, Umam and Iqbal looked for other incomplete tool and equipment yet. Rika, Santi, Ayu made sauce that made with shrimp paste, and others made other activities to support ours. And Baiquni and Rauzah just walked around and looked at other foods, they ate, and ate. No one hard activity for them. After chicken was baked, they ate it. They did not stop to eat the food. They baked potatoes and sweet potatoes, drank coconut and papaya water. They were the first. We called them spoiled children.

They are extremely funny buddies, I could not stop to laugh with them. Gossips in our class also blew up here. The gossip about “almost guy”, relationship between Iqbal and Rikki, and other gossips colored this vacation. Some photos also toke to intensify these gossips, LOL. But, all these gossip are not true, just for fun, just for laugh.

After we toke lunch, we went to the top of the hill. From this place, we could see the most beautiful landscape, such as Bukit Barisan, Seulawah Mountain, and also Sulthan Iskandar Muda Airport. The landscape is so clear and the weather was so friendly, very clear. This is very awesome landscape in unpredictable place. Firstly I thought that in this place we would get ordinary landscape, just natural view. But after we saw from the top, it was extraordinary one. What a wonderful weekend journey here. I hope this togetherness will never end. ^_^


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