The reasons why I should join those organizations

I had joined student organizations for 3 years, when I was in the third semester in undergraduate program. My reason why I should join those organizations was because of my curious to do something to my environment. How long I can contribute to my environment will satisfy me as a social being. I joined to some organizations, not only in one organization. We conducted several social events that will give benefit for others. Such as blood donor, fundraising, training and workshop, and also social service.

A student who is checking bags of blood

Firstly, I and my friends in Student Executive Association in my University is called BEM (Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa) that provided blood donor for who want to donate their blood to others that crucially needed it. Indonesian Red Cross informed that their stock of blood shortages in their office. And a lot of patients come to ask for the blood. How they can survive if the needed is higher than the stock. This condition touched us to do blood donor in our campus. We got about 60 bags of blood in one event. It helped the patients in hospitals whole Banda Aceh and around.

Healthy free service

Additionally, in 2008, we held a social service in Meukek sub-district – South Aceh, one of remote areas in this province that undeveloped yet. We carried out some benefit activities, such as rebuilt religion activity, trained how to give a good education, gave an understanding about sanitation, and checked people’s medical record. There, we tried to give what they can continue in after we leaved them. In educational system, we tried to motivate students and trained teacher the effective ways in understanding. We believe that what we gave will increase their motivation to develop themselves.

Introduction to ICT for Senior High School student

Thirdly, in student organization, we also established some workshop and training. For example, training of science, we gave an understanding of basic science to teacher in Banda Aceh and around. Besides that, we gave the same training to young students in order to motivate them increasing their skill and ability in science. Other trainings were also carried out like scientific writing and using open source training to student and public. These training were convinced themselves by growing basic education to be more developed. On the other hand, we organized some competitions to student of senior high school. Those events were quiz program, science Olympiad, cook competition, others that can increase their motivation to be more beneficial.

Fundraising in Simpang Lima Banda Aceh

Finally, we also care for disaster effect like earthquake, flood, and conflagration. Our effort to reduce the risk of those disasters was fundraising. We tried to collect some donations to be donated to the victims like clothes, foods, and volunteers as well.

In brief, social activities such as flood donor, social service, establishing training and workshop, and also fundraising will give good impact to others in order to develop their society in next day. I hope other students bequeath the same things or higher to the society.



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