Ideal Parking Lot In University

University is the higher education center to produce the best academic product as scientist, engineer, teacher, doctor, innovator, economist, and so on. University authority has to give comfortable and green condition to direct student to aware to our global issue like global warming. The worst thing that will give a bad impact and teach student to be more indiscipline is “allow engine vehicle enter to university environment”. Like in Unsyiah, quantity of carbon dioxide is higher in day by day. After I discussed it with Iqbal, we have a suggestion to the university authority to change parking lot regulation especially in Syiah Kuala University to make university’s atmosphere greener, they are; make a center parking lot, provide some rent bicycles, and everyone have to obey this program include, civil servant, lecturer, dean, and rector as well.

Harvard's New Interactive Parking Map

Firstly, The Syiah Kuala University has to provide a center parking lot located in beyond university life. It may be in entrance to the university. This parking lot also need employee to organize all vehicles position in order to be filled orderly. I believe this project will absorb very much fund from university as much as benefit that produced. One of the impact is it can build a very nice green environment. Green situation can make student feel better in studying and interaction in out class. It looks like no emission and less dust in the air. Hearing system is also comfortable if no engine vehicle in campus life. No engine means no sound pollution. Noise also disturbs student’s focus in a math class when lecturer explains the subject. Look like in development country, they make this regulation to parking lot that no one can bring engine vehicle in.

To realize the first suggestion, students ask “how we reach our far campus?” it is so easy. University can provide a rent bicycle to everyone who crucially needs it. If students have own bicycle, it doesn’t matter. They can just park it in campus parking lot. But to whom use a public transport can rent a bicycle to around the university. Besides this program can also support the green life, it also makes our body healthier. In nowadays condition, I am extremely sure that only minority take sport to keep their body, not majority.

Finally, all of officials in the university have to support this program to longer benefit and healthy life. If the official neglects this program, other employee and student will do the same thing as well. Every program and rule will go properly if the head of authority do it also. No one lecturer can enter their car or motorcycle, I am sure that all students will do the same.

In brief, all people in university have to support green life to make a comfortable environment in order to give a good understanding and teaching atmosphere. Some suggestion can support that, they are; make a center parking lot, provide some rent bicycles, and everyone have to obey this program. So that university does not provide parking lot in each building.



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