Lenovo Ideapad S205 Vs Ubuntu

In last 3 days ago I was not very well, this condition was felt the same by my notebook as well. My dream to use free open source Operation System is disappear. There are two efforts that I did with my friend to install Linux operation system in my new laptop particularly Ubuntu. The first time I tried when my laptop in very new condition, my dream quickly disappear. The second I installed in a week ago, the same thing was happen.
Lenovo S205
In the end of February, I bought a new laptop after I resigned in Surveyor Indonesian Company. My money not much as I need, but it quite enough to buy a new notebook in order to do my task and other beneficial activities that improve my knowledge and ability. I do not need a big laptop. I only need a small notebook with powerful features, so that I chose Lenovo S205 (Brazos). It has 11.6” display with 1GB ATI Radeon HD 6310M, processor to be planted in this device is AMD E-350 with 2 CPUs ~1.6 GHz. I strong enough to only edit photo or a little video editor.
After 5 days I bought this Lenovo Brazos, I tried to install Ubuntu, because I just wanted to use a free operating system. The shop operating system was a pirating Microsoft Windows 7. I tried to use an original one. I invited my friend, because I was not enough sure this new device is compatible with Linux Operating system. I installed Ubuntu, because this one is a simple operating system and easy to operate. After installation progress was done, damn !!! my notebook was blank. No display and could not boot to Linux, it just rolled back and back to look for booting system. First I installed to make dual boot operating system. We tried this in a little coffee shop in Lampineung. After that happen, we moved to Darussalam to get a high internet connection to get help with others by chatting. Time ran so fast in that Saturday night, until 6.00 AM my laptop still in blank, although all ability was used by chatting and browsing. I decided to go home to take a rest. My laptop still could not to be used. This was not a comfortable moment to stay in this position with a new notebook. When I woke up, eventually I installed pirating Windows 7 in my notebook, to make it work.

4 days ago I installed it again with guidance by the Ubuntu specialist, but nothing advancement. Stuck in the same condition, we tried it from afternoon until 9.00PM. Finally I decided to install Ubuntu as single operating system. And it still could not boot the system. That Ubuntu specialist gave up with my notebook’s problem. He said, “In my experience with Ubuntu, I never meet this one. Really, your problem with this Lenovo was unique. I wish I can resolve this problem someday. But, tonight I am sorry”. It really made me hopeless with using Free Operating system in my notebook. Over 4 days my laptop was off and I could not do anything. My blog was out of date, I could not learn about TOEFL, and other activities were temporary off.
Those experiences made me trauma. I wish if I buy a new notebook. I will try Ubuntu again. But I cannot try with this notebook. With the new one I will, I do want to use Ubuntu as legal free software.


5 thoughts on “Lenovo Ideapad S205 Vs Ubuntu

  1. I just now installed Ubuntu Precise Pangolin on a Brazos-based laptop and everything went well. Install the proprietary drivers as the first thing and it will work fine. Good luck.

  2. Yes, UEFI problem. I’m on the way to install ubuntu also on my lenovo s205. I will return if i succeed . Until now.. no boot, but i’m sure it’s because the EFI.


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