We found this community in the middle of January 2012. We thought that we could not learn alone. Because of that we tried to find other friends to be together in learning English. This story is about Schooter that found in January 17, 2012.

In that early evening, we together in Apakir Bandrek and fried meal and Una suggested Schooter as our community name came from Scholarship Hunter and be abbreviate to be Shooter. In this community, all members have the same purpose, to win a scholarship.

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We comprise with multidiscipline background of knowledge. They are enthusiasm, It makes us need each others. The first time Schooter was found is to learn English together. We learn just to pass the target that we choose is 565 for TOEFL score. We study together and almost every day use Longman Complete Course For The TOEFL Test. Obviously we often learn about structure than other exercises. It boosts our structure score, but not other sessions. It is a little terrible I think.

Schooter learns in everywhere possible to learn. We also learn in coffee shop, beach, and garden, but often in laboratory that we can access. Now I do not know how many Schooter members exactly. For who want to study together, we open the chance.

For me, Schooter is more than learning community. It looks like a new family member that has the same destination “to further study in order to develop Aceh”. We believe that what we plan, organize, and design for our future is beneficial for next generation. And we hope in some days later Schooter can be a research center in order to design some development programs. Together we can, yes we can.


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