Punishment in learning English using Bahasa

To achieve our goal, we have to try harder than ordinary. “We have to be an extraordinary, there are too many ordinary people in this world, we have to be different than others” Agnes Monica said as one of Indonesian Idol juries. I absolutely agree with that statement, because of that we try to study harder than usually in order to increase our TOEFL score for this Wednesday ITP TOEFL test.

Yesterday we made a really ‘English service only’. There was a punishment to who used Indonesian. This rule was made to put English as our native language. Yesterday we had a lot of chocolate stick in our laboratory as a result of that punishment. The punishment was who used Indonesian had to pay IDR 1,000 rupiahs. We collected over a lot of rupiahs in the first day this punishment was applied. I ate a lot of chocolate and I felt quite headache after that. This day a little bit hard because unusually we use English in our English class. We often and always use Indonesian as companion language.

“The more you speak, the more you pay and the more you eat as well” this is the quote of the day. Trust me, it works. Ayu as our teacher got punishment as well. She had to pay for four times fault. And she had any debt to us. Santi as a big donator felt a little trauma after made over 8 faults. Oja stay keeps silent to be safe. Rauzah and Baiquni also nervous in keep English only as class language. Fortunately I can stay relax, until I had no punishment. I just keep silent and only answered and explained the discussion especially in important thing only. This one to keep me in controlled of using Indonesian. Today I hope we get a lot of money in order we can get a lot of snacks to enjoy learning English. Keep study, keep spirit.


7 thoughts on “Punishment in learning English using Bahasa

    1. this quote is recently be a trending topic “the more you speak, the more you pay and the more you eat”

  1. That is not the ways to learn. Where do you learn English ? , Confidence comes from practicing not bullying or punishment. I put a shame for such the way you learn.

    1. we stand for what we think better man….so take it easy to what we do. about bullying and others, it was depend on us just to make us happy, only for laughing.


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