Some tips for taking TOEFL test

Actually we need an appropriate TOEFL score such as ITP, IBT, IELTS, or PBT to complete requirement to pursue course degree in overseas. Especially in English speaking country the English proficiency needed higher score than other country such as Germany, Norway etc. To fill the requirement, we have to prepare by studying harder and take a TOEFL test soon. I choose ITP (Institutional Testing Program) because that program is cheaper than others and easier to demonstrate, I think.

TOEFL ITP Handbook

Today’s morning I took an ITP TOEFL test and I got some new tips that help me to do the test faster. They are; relax, turn off your mobile phone first, do not leave a difficult question, and ignore unfamiliar passage.

The first thing that will help you to take a TOEFL test is what you feel when the test is in progress. You should take a deep breath in order to make you calmer to answer all questions easily. Do not think about the terrible thing and do not try to predict what happen next, it will ruin your concentration. Just think about what happen in answer sheet if you delay it for a minute. Keep answer the question accurately faster and correctly.

Next that very important thing is do not forget to turn off your mobile phone. You will disturb yourself and others if your phone is ringing. It will break your concentration and make you panic because your focus will be unstable. I recommend do not only silent your phone, but strongly turn it off.

The third thing that will help you in TOEFL test is don’t leave a difficult question, it will be a boomerang to mess your answer sheet. If you blank one question, you will forget that the first blank number and you will fill the next answer to the blank one. And finally you make all answers wrong. It will be extremely horrible because the impact is to your final test score.

The final tip is to ignore the unfamiliar passage that will take a long time to read it. Just read the easy understanding passage and the passage that you like will make you read it faster. It will give some benefits because TOEFL is based by the time. There is limited time to do the test. You have to hurry up dude. Do the easier first, after that do other difficult passage and other structure question that you leave before. Remember, do not leave one question that you think that is the hardest. Just answer all questions in one passage. If you think the passage is complicated, neglect whole passage and do the next passage.

In brief, you have to do faster to take your TOEFL test more efficient. Take it easy will make you more confident and calmer. I got some new tips that help me to do the test faster. They are; relax, turn off your mobile phone first, do not leave a difficult question, and ignore unfamiliar passage. Trust me, it works.


2 thoughts on “Some tips for taking TOEFL test

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