How To Make A Statement of Study Plan

Making a statement of study plan is pretty important to show your planning in studying in particular degree. Then, university authority could understand your purpose in the university that is chosen. You have to consider some significant things that make your statement of study plan stronger, such as organizing paragraph and each paragraph content.

The first important thing is how to organize your paragraph, if you can flow the best idea without a good paragraph structure, it will be quite confuse to reader. So that you have to make it easy to be understand and has a well structure. Where you put the idea will hook the reader to read more and make curiosity of reader to know more about you. The first and the last paragraph is very important paragraph to be written in order to hook the reader. If the first paragraph is good and can engage the reader, they can read more about your. And the last paragraph as a final and conclusion will be read as the last one that they want to know. Here I suggest the best paragraph structure that I think will give a benefit for you.

The first paragraph should give your general overview about who you are. This paragraph will introduce yourself that related why you have to choose the specific field of study.

My decision to apply for master program in Seismology at Potsdam University is driven by my strong desire to be able to explore earth structure and seismic condition of this earth, especially in Aceh. According to the geographical condition, Aceh, one of provinces in Indonesia, is located on the ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’ which causes many earthquakes every year. Seismology is crucially needed in Aceh to be explored for further study about earthquake. Lack of seismologists makes this field difficult to be developed.

The second paragraph is the paragraph that informs the reader how you can be selected to be a student in that university. You have to show some evidences about you. Some experiences is good to be mentioned in this paragraph.

I have a number of experiences which would help me successfully complete a master program at Potsdam University. I obtained a bachelor degree at Syiah Kuala University, College of Mathematics and Natural Science with Physics as my major. Furthermore, I had joined some fieldworks in earthquake exploration as well. From these experiences I have gained the necessary basic knowledge to study in seismology.

The third paragraph is why you choose that university, you can put some facts to convince the reader why they university is very important to be chosen as the best university ever in any specific field. You can find some information about the university in university website then click in about university or you can find it in university catalogue.

I am very excited to join the incoming class at the Potsdam University, Germany. It has qualified teaching staffs and the best subjects also offered in seismology. The university itself, had building on Potsdam’s 150-year old tradition of cutting-edge research in the geosciences, the field is collaborating closely with internationally renowned extramural research institutions and has in recent years become a center for earth sciences in Europe. The proximity to strong partners outside the university as well as the close cooperation with international universities and industrial partners have made Potsdam an excellent location with unique fields of study, applied research, and outstanding opportunities for supporting young scholars. I sincerely believe I would be an excellent student in your program, and I am prepared to work and study hard in order to meet the high standards that Potsdam University is known for.

The last paragraph should be your contribution to your community after you complete your degree program in the university. It is important to mention what you will do after they transfer some knowledge to you. It is like your appreciation and profit from the university to your community in next time after graduated.

Finally, after I complete my master program, I will have more advanced knowledge and skills in seismology. It will give me a good chance to expand my career as a scientist and lecturer at my university. Syiah Kuala University has Physics and Geophysics Engineering Department that related to seismology exploration in which I can apply my knowledge. Besides that, Syiah Kuala University has The Geophysics Laboratory where I can cooperate by doing in research on seismology.

That’s all I can give a little tip that I hope can give a profit for you all.


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