Lady Gaga in Concert: Indonesian Authority is Indecisive

All problems can be resolved if we discuss together. It doesn’t happen in controversial concert of Lady Gaga in Indonesia. This issue blew up in a couple weeks ago. The problem is between Indonesian authority, FPI and Lady Gaga that almost cancel the mega concert in Jakarta because of who Lady Gaga is, eastern norm and morality effect.

The mother monster, that Lady Gaga is called has a big fans club in the world. Even in twitter, Lady Gaga has followers more than Barrack Obama has as US President. Indonesia as the forth crowded country in the world has 241,452,952 people that spread out all over in this archipelago country has a lot of Lady Gaga’s fans. In Lady Gaga world concert, Big Daddy Management as promoter invite the mother monster to Jakarta to bang-up all her fans in Indonesia. Then there is a controversial opinion during selling tickets period. A religious extremist separately in Indonesia is called FPI (Front Pembela Islam) tries to prevent the concert immediately because they assume that Lady Gaga as devil worshiper, wearing open end clothes, and moral damage of teenagers in Indonesia.
Now I just want to invite readers how we face this case in order to take much more benefit, not only face in our own opinion. Now look at Lady Gaga detail. She is a superstar. No big deal for other big singer to visit Indonesia as disaster country and there are many radicalism clusters here. The best thing of her should we follow is how creative she is. In crowded schedule, she still has free time for designing her cloth and creating song. We always think about how to prevent her, it just waste our time and we don’t do a beneficial thing to do it. On the other hand, she increases her career immediately. We always stir up ourselves to unimportant things. We get trapped in that mindset that makes Indonesia slowly rise up. Don’t think about the negative side of what happen to us. Just see the positive side with a little changing the negative to be better.
Lady Gaga wears open end clothes being different in eastern culture, it is not allowed. We can discuss with her management how to fix this problem. Don’t make the world faces Indonesia as extreme country. Some days ago another world singer from Canada, Justin Bieber said “Indonesia is random country”. There is no better than that quote. Look at Indonesian government, some clusters, politics, economic etc. All is hazy. Then look at Korea, they tried to mediate with Lady Gaga’s manager and she obeyed the eastern rule. The mother monster wore a long cloth there. Everything is possible if we want to try.
For morality damage is easier to prevent. Korea showed it. Korean promoter regulate for who is allowed to buy a ticket must above 18 years old. It works properly to prevent morality damage. And I obviously think that Lady Gaga is not sexy at all. Although she wears an open end cloth, she looks like an ordinary with sophisticated cloth. Really do wrong for who appraise like that.
In brief, Indonesia as the largest archipelago country looks mess by the time. It is shown by what happen with Indonesian authority that can be controlled by an extremist cluster in Indonesia. The authority will be changed if this problem cannot be resolved. Obviously this is not called as democracy. This is just indecision of this country.


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