Prevent global warming, just by a little action

Mango, how many trees are established in your garden? There are many ways to prevent ‘the global warming effect’ in order to keep this earth always green and comfortable for now and next generation. Some of them are planting many trees and ride a bicycle.


Green house effect increases earth temperature. Particularly in Aceh, now average temperature is above 30o C or even approach 40o C. Some causes that make it happen because lack of forest and big impact of illegal logging. Aceh has a huge forest in Indonesia as world heart to produce oxygen. Nowadays, the forest was decreased by irresponsible people who fell the forest to some profits. We should stop this illegal logging. If we are not a policeman or an authority, we still can stop the illegal logging by keeping clean environment with don’t be a litter bug and planting many trees at least in our own garden. Other profits can be gotten from this action. Like in front of my house where my father planted some little trees such as mango, sugar cane, rose apple and some flowers. Besides those trees can produce much more oxygen, we get benefit also from the trees. We can taste how sweet mango and cane sugar and also how beautiful flowers are.

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Bicycle is another alternative that will give a big impact for preventing global warming effect. As we know, the earth temperature increases rapidly during increasing of using motor cycle in all area including remote area as well. To prohibit this nightmare (global warming) we have to use bicycle in short line trip or just walking around the city. It will make us healthier and cost effective.

In brief, I believe to these little actions will give a big impact for our earth to keep green in the future that can prevent green house effect and decrease earth temperature.



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