How Important Reference Letter Is

Another important thing to be submitted to pursue master degree or to get a scholarship besides statement of study plan is recommendation letter or reference letter that is given by supervisor or lecturer or important people who know you well and describe about who you are. This letter has no longer sentence, just a short and solid one which has brief explanation about you. Only two or three paragraphs are okay. Most of supervisor will provide this one to you, but others will ask you to make it, and they just check and sign on the letter. It will give a profit also, you will improve your writing sill ability that an ability really hard to have. I will give one example about recommendation letter, no big deal, this is not the best. But it is okay to be submitted as your reference letter.
Firstly, seek your supervisor who got Ph.D or professor. Supervisor with master degree title will have a little impact to your application files, because he/she usually doesn’t have many research publications. The recommendation letter that is signed by professor or doctor will be considered
The first paragraph briefly describes about your relationship with your supervisor and your habit as well. It is pretty important to convince the reader as international office staff or scholarship committee that your supervisor knows you so well. This paragraph doesn’t need many lines, only about 8 lines are enough.

Zakiul Fuady was my undergraduate student. He graduated recently for Bachelor of Science from Physics Department, College of Mathematics and Natural Science, Syiah Kuala University, in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. He was a great student, excellent intellectual ability, and excellent work habits. Zakiul Fuady is an honest person and trustworthy student. He respects to other opinion from the group. He always shares his knowledge and encourages the development of others. Zakiul Fuady always tries to seek advice and best practice to finish his works. He is willing to use inputs not only from his superiors but also his colleagues. He actively seeks out and takes advantage of professional development opportunities in learning new skills.

The second paragraph could give a strong emphasizing to reader that the supervisor really extremely support you.

Overall, I strongly support ZakiulFuady to continue his study for Master degree

And the last paragraph is contained about supervisor’s contact person. It can be used to convince the staff if he/she has many questions after.

Should you have further information, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail at ****

Just a simple letter, this letter will guarantee you to be approved as student in university that you choose .


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