Never Stop The Change Until The End

Bright without light is nothing
Moon never be wonderful without the sun
Sole of foot will follow in the footsteps of the earth
The dark will end the light off soon
Will I hear thunder in my imagination?
No.. it’s not a big hurricane
It’s about existence
How a sheet of paper can change the world
Yes, a slave without sin will walk alone
In the dark night without storm
But the rain cannot be held to face the earth
The slave is anxious alone in downtown
He cannot do anything, just wait for a command
And the rule always be changed by mice
Mice who grab a sheet of paper without worth
A big disaster is waiting to be opened in front of us
A slave just sits on the fence
Should he cry? For what he live is a big question
But the answer is put on a very extremely storm
Really close and still hidden one
That slave tries to walk, step by step
Heavy rain beyond his mind
Stop, please stop this to release some doves
Get the sun, bright this way
Worth that paper, don’t keep it to be worthless
Hold his hand, and walk together to see the rainbow
Behind the light off there is a light on
Here the truth will be shown.


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