Install Calligra on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, Feel Free to Replace MS Office

 Another beautiful word processing is Calligra. Calligra contains many kind of office applications that can be used to process office file such as word, spreadsheet, presentation, flow, and planning. Calligra also has a incredible view that can be seen more interesting than Libre Office which look like as Microsoft Office 2003, it is really different when you use Calligra. Some differences that make Calligra more excellent as the advantages for user are; it easy to be installed on your laptop, it has a simple face, and it can open Microsoft Office file (.docx; .xlsx; .pptx).


Firstly, the installation progress when you use Linux is very easy, in this case I use Ubuntu 12.04 and Lenovo S205. You only need a high speed internet access to download the software. Then you just type the command on terminal like:

apt-get install calligra

Then your laptop will download the full files about ± 420 MB. After installation, you can check on your menu about the applications. For accessing word file Calligra provides Calligra Words, for presentation Calligra Stage, for spreadsheet Calligra Sheets, for planning Plan, and for designing or making a scheme Calligra Flow.

Calligra family

The second profit that you can get from this software is which everyone suppose to get, ‘the simplicity’ of using the application is pretty important. The face of the application is very nice to see and easy to find the setting. And other basic settings are easy to be put as a dock on the right side. What surprising me that it has a references setting putting information of author like bibliography.

Calligra on desktop

The final advantage that we can get from Calibra Words that it can open all Microsoft Office documents. For me as a previous Windows user, I have a lot of documents that are formatted by Microsoft. On the other hand, the output of this software is that we can save as a file as .odt or .pdf document. So don’t be hesitate to migrate to open source software like Ubuntu that I am using right now. you can feel more than pirating Windows.

Calligra on app

In brief, Calligra is a software that can replace Microsoft Office if you are a Windows addicted. The installation process run easily, then it has a simple menu look like, and the last is it easy to operate and can open other Microsoft Office documents. If you think it is the true time to migrate to Linux operation system. You are right. let move on guys.

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