WhatsApp Messenger is Available to All Smartphones

Nowadays, most people use Blackberry Messenger to communicate to each others just because it can use wifi connection and no need much credit on your phone. But it only for Blackberry device, not for other smartphone. Not all people use Blackberry, people also use Android smartphone and iPhone.

installation screen
installation screen

So that you should look for another messenger to connect to all your friends. Another familiar chatting software on smartphone is WhatsAppp Messenger built in 2010 and the latest version is 2.7.8509. we can keep togetherness by using this messenger group, it is really fun.

choose country name and phone number
choose country name and phone number

Firstly, installation progress need more attention, because this application has setup process. First of all, download the application on Play Store and will be installed automatically. Then the software will ask for your agreement and show the blank row to be filled by your country and phone number. The phone number can be different with the device, you can use another device’s phone number to the device that you install WhatsApp Messenger. After that, the application that symbolized by green circle with white phone on the center of logo will ask for your name. But not all device require this step. This is only for Android, iPhone and Blackberry do not have this requirement.

smiley icon
smiley icon

Additionally, you can see all your contact phone numbers that are registered on WhatsApp. Actually I use this software to communicate and make fun with friends, share information and invite to attend some meetings. This application has a cute smiley icon and also we can share some files, such as photo, phone number, map location, video and sound. But, this application only can be used one year for free. You have to purchase to get free access forever for the same phone number.

purchase to use unlimited service
purchase to use unlimited service

In brief, this application can be worked to all smartphone like Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and also Windows phone. You can communicate to each others and share some information and files together.



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