Instagram, Photo Sharing App

Someone who has Facebook or Twitter account is just an ordinary case. Because what you share only words. Another social network bought by Facebook is different than others. Not words to be shared, but photo, the best angle shot will be the most popular photo ever in this social network. In this case we talk about Instagram. What do you think when the first time you hear about Instagram? This is not one of unit mass. This is a photo sharing social network.


The name of Instagram based on two words, “insta” come from word “instan” that mean simple and “gram” come from “telegram” that mean sharing. How photo will be shared is the aim of Instagram. Nowadays we don’t need a telegram to share something like photo or something else. Internet is the best choice, the fastest and the most efficient way to share. In April 9th 2012, it was announced that Instagram will belong to Facebook for approximately $1 billion in cash and stock.

Now we will discuss about how to use the application which include installing, editing, and sharing.

installation process
installation process

Firstly, installation progress not take a long time if you are lucky. Actually I was not a lucky one in the time when I installed this application. I supposed because I used custom ROM for my Android. But another friend could download it from Play Store. I looked for another way to get it. I used Blackmart Alpha and I downloaded it properly and installation progress as well.

picking up photo
picking up photo

Additionally, the application offer ‘sign in’ and ‘sign up’ notification on your device’s screen. Then, touch camera menu in bottom side, and you will be offered two ways to get photo, first is capture the photo, and the second is search the photo in your gallery. After cropping, your photo is ready to be edited by some menus that base on focus and brightness. Then touch double arrow on the right-up display on your device.

editing process
editing process

Finally the photo is ready to be posted. Text is optionally required there. On the top of your screen you can tag location that powered by Foursquare (also optional). The last is upload button which will bring your photo to others.

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In brief, Installation progress, editing, and sharing is easy to be used. This photo sharing application is profitable to you who has photography skill and hobby. This application is available on iPhone and Android. For tourism, you can share and show off your region. Be careful for inappropriate photo. 


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