About me

My name is Zakiul Fuady, you can call me Zaki. I graduated from Physics department, College of Mathematics and Natural Science, Syiah Kuala University recently. I am a friendly person although my new friends judge me as an arrogant one. by the time they will know who am I.

I strongly don’t like touchscreen mobile phone, but now I use it. I use Android phone and I really enjoy it. I can improve what feature I need.

I only a fraction in your live, an ordinary person having a great dream for my future and who knows someday I can realize it and I will do it. Now I am preparing to pursue my master degree majoring in underwater acoustics. ^_^

Here is my full personal detail:

Full name                                              : Zakiul Fuady

Place of Birth                                        : Peusangan

Date of Birth                                         : November 18, 1988

Gender                                                  : Male

Religion                                                 : Islam

Marital Status                                       : Single

Nationality & Citizenship                     : Indonesian

Height                                                    : 174 Cm

Weight                                                   : 71 Kg

Skype                                                     : fzakiul

Email                                                      : fzakiul[at]gmail.com


12 thoughts on “About me

  1. sihiyy..
    tangan nya pegang kado bungkus gambar hati.. (liat poto)
    sesuatu ya..

    btw blog nya keren nih Zaki..

    1. hahaha itu kan foto pas yudisium. jadi kami dikasih semacam kado yang berisi sajadah kecil. karena yudisium pas bulan puasa. terima kasih kaka mia 😛


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