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Prevent global warming, just by a little action

Mango, how many trees are established in your garden? There are many ways to prevent ‘the global warming effect’ in order to keep this earth always green and comfortable for now and next generation. Some of them are planting many trees and ride a bicycle.


Green house effect increases earth temperature. Particularly in Aceh, now average temperature is above 30o C or even approach 40o C. Some causes that make it happen because lack of forest and big impact of illegal logging. Aceh has a huge forest in Indonesia as world heart to produce oxygen. Continue reading “Prevent global warming, just by a little action”

Some tips for taking TOEFL test

Actually we need an appropriate TOEFL score such as ITP, IBT, IELTS, or PBT to complete requirement to pursue course degree in overseas. Especially in English speaking country the English proficiency needed higher score than other country such as Germany, Norway etc. To fill the requirement, we have to prepare by studying harder and take a TOEFL test soon. I choose ITP (Institutional Testing Program) because that program is cheaper than others and easier to demonstrate, I think.

TOEFL ITP Handbook

Today’s morning I took an ITP TOEFL test and I got some new tips that help me to do the test faster. Continue reading “Some tips for taking TOEFL test”


We found this community in the middle of January 2012. We thought that we could not learn alone. Because of that we tried to find other friends to be together in learning English. This story is about Schooter that found in January 17, 2012.

In that early evening, we together in Apakir Bandrek and fried meal and Una suggested Schooter as our community name came from Scholarship Hunter and be abbreviate to be Shooter. In this community, all members have the same purpose, to win a scholarship.

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We comprise with multidiscipline background of knowledge. They are enthusiasm, Continue reading “Schooter”

Punishment in learning English using Bahasa

To achieve our goal, we have to try harder than ordinary. “We have to be an extraordinary, there are too many ordinary people in this world, we have to be different than others” Agnes Monica said as one of Indonesian Idol juries. I absolutely agree with that statement, because of that we try to study harder than usually in order to increase our TOEFL score for this Wednesday ITP TOEFL test.

Yesterday we made a really ‘English service only’. There was a punishment to who used Indonesian. Continue reading “Punishment in learning English using Bahasa”

Lenovo Ideapad S205 Vs Ubuntu

In last 3 days ago I was not very well, this condition was felt the same by my notebook as well. My dream to use free open source Operation System is disappear. There are two efforts that I did with my friend to install Linux operation system in my new laptop particularly Ubuntu. The first time I tried when my laptop in very new condition, my dream quickly disappear. The second I installed in a week ago, the same thing was happen.
Lenovo S205
In the end of February, I bought a new laptop after I resigned in Surveyor Indonesian Company. My money not much as I need, but it quite enough to buy a new notebook in order to do my task and other beneficial activities that improve my knowledge and ability. I do not need a big laptop. I only need a small notebook with powerful features, Continue reading “Lenovo Ideapad S205 Vs Ubuntu”

Number One For Me – My Mom

The first time I listen this song by Maher Zain – Number One For Me, I remember what I have done to you. How I made you cry, worry, and confuse because of me. Someday, I promise to make you proud of me. I know, how much effort you had done to be pregnant, and then gave birth to bet your life. All of those you never feel tried to intensify me by your patience. How wonderful you are. You are always in my heart, I really miss you. Loving Mom as always. I strongly dedicate this song to my mama.

——————— Continue reading “Number One For Me – My Mom”

The reasons why I should join those organizations

I had joined student organizations for 3 years, when I was in the third semester in undergraduate program. My reason why I should join those organizations was because of my curious to do something to my environment. How long I can contribute to my environment will satisfy me as a social being. I joined to some organizations, not only in one organization. We conducted several social events that will give benefit for others. Such as blood donor, fundraising, training and workshop, and also social service.

A student who is checking bags of blood

Firstly, I and my friends in Student Executive Association in my University is called BEM (Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa) that provided blood donor for who want to donate their blood to others that crucially needed it. Continue reading “The reasons why I should join those organizations”

EAP Vacation #Sibreh

We start activity from Monday, then Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and get nice weekend on Sunday. This weekend we planned to get an extraordinary vacation. We went to Sibreh. To our friend’s garden in sibreh which has a beautiful view, he said. In this vacation we had a plentiful foods and extremely funny friends. This vacation just to keep us together and to keep us connected.

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We spent two months in Language Center of Syiah Kuala University to learn more about English for increasing our TOEFL score. We entered EAP class, this class is advanced. It caused I thought that EAP meant English Advanced Program. After several weeks, I knew that EAP is English Academic Propose. We were from different departments in this class. It makes us need each others, because we cannot reach for all discipline of studies. They are from Physics, Chemical Engineering, Psychology, Mechanical Engineering, Law, Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, Math Education, History, Continue reading “EAP Vacation #Sibreh”