Mie Aceh

Two years ago, my friend came from Jambi. A far city from Banda Aceh, it is about 3 days going there using bus. He asked a truly funny question and suddenly shocked me. He asked “why in Banda Aceh there is no Mie Aceh provided here? Whereas Banda Aceh is part of Aceh province that should provide Mie Aceh also, but the fact say not.” suddenly I laughed loudly after he asked that question. Here we try to study about brand.

Mie Aceh
Mie Aceh

Now I will ask back, why in Aceh there are many Jakarta fried rice? The answer is the same. This is just a trade mark Continue reading “Mie Aceh”


Prevent global warming, just by a little action

Mango, how many trees are established in your garden? There are many ways to prevent ‘the global warming effect’ in order to keep this earth always green and comfortable for now and next generation. Some of them are planting many trees and ride a bicycle.


Green house effect increases earth temperature. Particularly in Aceh, now average temperature is above 30o C or even approach 40o C. Some causes that make it happen because lack of forest and big impact of illegal logging. Aceh has a huge forest in Indonesia as world heart to produce oxygen. Continue reading “Prevent global warming, just by a little action”

How To Make A Statement of Study Plan

Making a statement of study plan is pretty important to show your planning in studying in particular degree. Then, university authority could understand your purpose in the university that is chosen. You have to consider some significant things that make your statement of study plan stronger, such as organizing paragraph and each paragraph content.

The first important thing is how to organize your paragraph, if you can flow the best idea without a good paragraph structure, it will be quite confuse to reader. So that you have to make it easy to be understand and has a well structure. Where you put the idea will hook the reader to read more and make curiosity of reader to know more about you. The first and the last paragraph is very important paragraph to be written in order to hook the reader. If the first paragraph is good and can engage the reader, they can read more about your. And the last paragraph as a final and conclusion will be read as the last one that they want to know. Here I suggest the best paragraph structure Continue reading “How To Make A Statement of Study Plan”

Mengapa harus Fisika

Jurusan yang dipilih ketika belajar di Universitas bukan hanya untuk dirasakan selama berada di universitas tersebut. Namun jurusan yang dipilih akan berdampak untuk seumur hidup. Latar belakang pendidikan akan terus di-elu-elukan dari mulai kehidupan sehari-hari hingga pekerjaan yang akan kita pilih nantinya. Oleh karena itu aku memilih jurusan Fisika sebagai penunjuk masa depanku.

Aku suka fisika

Ketika masih sekolah di Madrasah Ibtidaiyah, aku punya satu film favorit yang tayang tiap minggu pagi. Film ini tanyang tiap jam 6.00 am. Dan aku harus bangun pagi-pagi untuk nonton ni film. Film ini mengisahkan tentang sebuah keluarga ilmuan yang menemukan beberapa alat canggih

Continue reading “Mengapa harus Fisika”

8.9 SR earthquake hit Aceh

After tsunami attack Sumatra Island especially in Aceh in 2004. All Aceh people feel a horrible traumatic to each earthquake is happened in Aceh. Three days ago, a big earthquake hit to Aceh again, and leaves a huge traumatic again and again. April 11, 2012 is my horrible nightmare.
When I and my friends come together in the Biophysics Laboratory, suddenly the laboratory is sway. All people shock and go over the room. We go away from the building to save ourselves from fallen building. Fortunately the building is still good and no one is broken by the quake. The quake is about three to four minutes, the scale about 8.9 SR, it is almost the same with the last quake in 2004 which has the scale about 9.3 SR so that tsunami came. Continue reading “8.9 SR earthquake hit Aceh”

Aceh election season is called Pilkada

Pilkada is conducted for each 5 years in Aceh to elect the Governor of province and Mayor of city/district as well. During Pilkada, all candidates are allowed to promote themselves to get voted by publics. Some candidate do shortcut to get popularity in the Pilkada such as racism, intimidation, and manipulation. They know that these are not good. But their ambition ignores all inners.

Racism comes from unequal ethnics that can have been shown since recently 40 years ago. There is a horrible memory in Aceh about racism between Acehnese and Javanese during different idea between Freedom Aceh Movement or we call GAM and Republic of Indonesia. Nowadays, some irresponsible people recall that issue to take attention in Pilkada. Because of the last memory is so horrible to remember, this issue is easy to blow up. Continue reading “Aceh election season is called Pilkada”

Aku tidak suka dokter

Profesi yang banyak diincar oleh kaum muda sekarang ini adalah dokter. Banyak diantara mereka yang ingin jadi dokter karena lapangan pekerjaan seorang dokter sangat menjanjikan. Setelah selesai koas, pada dokter muda atau apalah namanya akan sangat mudah diangkat menjadi seorang dokter. Bila begitu banyak yang ingin menjadi dokter, siapa yang akan menjadi pasien? Data statistic menunjukkan ada begitu banyak calon mahasiswa Fakultas Kedokteran tiap tahunnya yang berbanding lurus dengan pertumbuhan dokter-dokter masa depan. Namun sangat disayangkan, kuantitas berbanding terbalik dengan kualitas. Hal ini menyebabkan aku tidak percaya sepenuhnya sama dokter-dokter yang ada. Mereka telah banyak mengecewakanku. Diantara beberapa kasus yang membuat aku bertambah geram dengan dokter adalah, banyaknya masyarakat yang berobat ke luar negeri. Ayahku divonis diabetes, padahal tidak. Gigiku ditambal dua kali dalam dua hari, dan keduanya lepas lagi.

Faktanya, seorang gubernur Aceh ketika sakit berat, beliau lebih memilih berobat ke luar negeri. Di Negara tetangga, pengobatannya terjamin dengan harga yang tidak terlalu mahal seperti halnya berobat di dalam negeri. Dan yang terjadi di lapangan adalah, begitu banyaknya orang yang blebih memilih berobat di Negara tetangga Continue reading “Aku tidak suka dokter”