Instagram, Photo Sharing App

Someone who has Facebook or Twitter account is just an ordinary case. Because what you share only words. Another social network bought by Facebook is different than others. Not words to be shared, but photo, the best angle shot will be the most popular photo ever in this social network. In this case we talk about Instagram. What do you think when the first time you hear about Instagram? This is not one of unit mass. This is a photo sharing social network.


The name of Instagram based on two words, “insta” come from word “instan” that mean simple and “gram” come from “telegram” that mean sharing. How photo will be shared is the aim of Instagram. Continue reading “Instagram, Photo Sharing App”


WhatsApp Messenger is Available to All Smartphones

Nowadays, most people use Blackberry Messenger to communicate to each others just because it can use wifi connection and no need much credit on your phone. But it only for Blackberry device, not for other smartphone. Not all people use Blackberry, people also use Android smartphone and iPhone.

installation screen
installation screen

So that you should look for another messenger to connect to all your friends. Another familiar chatting software on smartphone is WhatsAppp Messenger Continue reading “WhatsApp Messenger is Available to All Smartphones”

Blackmart Alpha Downloads apk File To Your Device

When people hope all will be free, on Android smartphone we have Blackmart Alpha which crack Play Store’s applications. You can download all as free software and can save the master application program (.apk) on your phone. Here the tips are.

the application look like

First time I installed Blackmart Alpha on my Phone, I loved this application so much. But did you know that why this application is free? Everything in this world has a reason why it will appear. Now I am trying to find that answer to you. But actually I do not know the real reason. But this is just an opinion. Not the real fact. What make me afraid is that Blackmart Alpha can be a spam. I am suspicious that this application can spy my phone because I signed in to many account on Android smartphone. It will be extremely terrible. How to fix this problem is by removing the application after downloading other new applications your phone.

Continue reading “Blackmart Alpha Downloads apk File To Your Device”

Blackmart Alpha makes all applications in Google Play costless

There are a lot of android’s applications which downloaded in Google Play (Android Market: red). From million applications which been available in Google Play, not all application gives a good performance or has an optimal characteristic that are hoped by users. One of some ways to get all applications in Google Play without pay is with using Blackmart Alpha which most known as black market of Google Play. There are some reasons that we have to use this application. They are easy access to get free of premium application without pay first then get it, but get it and never pay. And the second is to make all unavailable application will be available.

Firstly, download blackmart-alpha.apk, then install in your android device. After installation was success, sometimes it often crash, but ignore it, because this is just a common crash and do not give a big impact to your gadget. If the crash happen, Continue reading “Blackmart Alpha makes all applications in Google Play costless”