How Important Reference Letter Is

Another important thing to be submitted to pursue master degree or to get a scholarship besides statement of study plan is recommendation letter or reference letter that is given by supervisor or lecturer or important people who know you well and describe about who you are. This letter has no longer sentence, just a short and solid one which has brief explanation about you. Only two or three paragraphs are okay. Most of supervisor will provide this one to you, but others will ask you to make it, and they just check and sign on the letter. It will give a profit also, you will improve your writing sill ability that an ability really hard to have. I will give one example about recommendation letter, no big deal, this is not the best. But it is okay to be submitted as your reference letter.
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How To Make A Statement of Study Plan

Making a statement of study plan is pretty important to show your planning in studying in particular degree. Then, university authority could understand your purpose in the university that is chosen. You have to consider some significant things that make your statement of study plan stronger, such as organizing paragraph and each paragraph content.

The first important thing is how to organize your paragraph, if you can flow the best idea without a good paragraph structure, it will be quite confuse to reader. So that you have to make it easy to be understand and has a well structure. Where you put the idea will hook the reader to read more and make curiosity of reader to know more about you. The first and the last paragraph is very important paragraph to be written in order to hook the reader. If the first paragraph is good and can engage the reader, they can read more about your. And the last paragraph as a final and conclusion will be read as the last one that they want to know. Here I suggest the best paragraph structure Continue reading “How To Make A Statement of Study Plan”

EAP Vacation #Sibreh

We start activity from Monday, then Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and get nice weekend on Sunday. This weekend we planned to get an extraordinary vacation. We went to Sibreh. To our friend’s garden in sibreh which has a beautiful view, he said. In this vacation we had a plentiful foods and extremely funny friends. This vacation just to keep us together and to keep us connected.

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We spent two months in Language Center of Syiah Kuala University to learn more about English for increasing our TOEFL score. We entered EAP class, this class is advanced. It caused I thought that EAP meant English Advanced Program. After several weeks, I knew that EAP is English Academic Propose. We were from different departments in this class. It makes us need each others, because we cannot reach for all discipline of studies. They are from Physics, Chemical Engineering, Psychology, Mechanical Engineering, Law, Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, Math Education, History, Continue reading “EAP Vacation #Sibreh”

ADS Scholarship

Australia Awards are an Australian Government initiative designed to promote knowledge, education links and enduring ties between Australia, our neighbours and the global community.

Australia Awards include Development Awards administered by AusAID and the Endeavour Awards administered by the Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education. They provide a range of opportunities for study, research and professional development in Australia.

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