Mie Aceh

Two years ago, my friend came from Jambi. A far city from Banda Aceh, it is about 3 days going there using bus. He asked a truly funny question and suddenly shocked me. He asked “why in Banda Aceh there is no Mie Aceh provided here? Whereas Banda Aceh is part of Aceh province that should provide Mie Aceh also, but the fact say not.” suddenly I laughed loudly after he asked that question. Here we try to study about brand.

Mie Aceh
Mie Aceh

Now I will ask back, why in Aceh there are many Jakarta fried rice? The answer is the same. This is just a trade mark to engage consumers to buy their products. Jakarta people will taste the particular culinary from Aceh by searching the title Aceh in food name, not at all. Because there are a lot of kind of noodle in Indonesia. We will find Aceh noodle, Java noodle or something else. Like in Banda Aceh we have Bakso Pekalongan, Nasi Goreng Jakarta, Sate Padang, Bubur Ayam Bandung, etc. we should not go to Bandung to eat Bubur Ayam from that city, we will find it here and easier because producer put the city name on the culinary name and the food spread in all city line.
Naturally, Aceh noodle has a special taste for noodle lovers. With some special ingredients , the devotes feel a high sensation on their tongue. Aceh noodle can be found in all villages in Aceh, with the taste is almost the same. This food is one of the most popular culinary in Aceh. If you visit Aceh, do not forget to taste it.
Finally, Mie Aceh or other foods name are only try to engage consumers to taste it with different location it come from.


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